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Update SabaiDiscuss

Step 1: Update Files (for SabaiDiscuss v1.1.3 or lower)

To update SabaiDiscuss to the latest version, what you need to do first is to backup all your SabaiDiscuss files and data. You can do so by backing up sabai and sabai-discuss plugin folders and all your mysql data. After doing so, overwrite the old plugin files with the new ones included in the latest package.

Step 1: Update Files (for SabaiDiscuss v1.1.4 or higher)

As of version 1.1.4, there is no need to manually upload files to your server. Both the sabai and sabai-discuss plugins can be updated from the Plugins page of WordPress dashboard just like other plugins distributed from wordpress.org. Make sure that you have a valid license code configured for the CodeCanyon.net Purchase Code Settings section on the Setings -> Sabai page.

Step 2: Update Data

Next, go to Sabai -> Settings from the WordPress administration dashboard and under the Sabai Add-ons list section, upgrade all add-ons that are highlighted and have the Upgrade button displayed. Press the Upgrade button for each of these add-ons and follow the instructions displayed on the pop-up window. As of version 1.1.0, you can also do a bulk upgrade by checking the checkboxes on the left and pressing the Upgrade Checked button. Note that some add-ons may not be upgraded until certain add-ons have been upgraded first. Make sure to upgrade all add-ons until all add-ons are de-highlited.

Also, depending on the upgrade package, there may be some add-ons that are newly available for installation. These add-ons will be listed on the Installable Add-ons table below the installed add-ons table so you can click the Install button for each of them to make them active.

That’s it, you should have now successfully updaded SabaiDiscuss to the latest version.