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There is one shortcode available for SabaiDiscuss. Only one shortcode, but it’s so powerful that it allows you to embed almost any content rendered by SabaiDiscuss.


[[sabai path="xxxx"]]
[[sabai path="xxxx" query="aaaa=bbbb"]]

The path attribute is required and it must be a valid path to SabaiDiscuss content. The query attribute is optional and is parsed and passed as additional request parameters.


The following will display a list of questions you would also see when viewing the front page of SabaiDiscuss:

[[sabai path="/questions"]]

Listing answered questions:

[[sabai path="/questions/answered"]]

Listing questions sorted by vote count:

[[sabai path="/questions" query="sort=votes"]]

Listing questions sorted by vote count, second page:

[[sabai path="/questions" query="sort=votes&p=2"]]

Profile page of a certain user (username: john):

[[sabai path="/questions/user/john"]]

Profile page of the current user:

[[sabai path="/questions/my"]]

Favorite questions of the current user:

[[sabai path="/questions/my/favorites"]]

Ask question form:

[[sabai path="/questions/ask"]]

Answer question form of a certain question (question ID: 1):

[[sabai path="/questions/1/answers/add"]]