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Quick Tour

Here we learn briefly about the content that SabaiDiscuss adds to your WordPress installation.


SabaiDiscuss creates a single WordPress page:

  • Questions (path: /questions) – displays the main index page of SabaiDiscuss..

You can change the page above to anything you like from Questions -> Settings -> Pages. You can also edit the Page title to change the title displayed on the questions main index page.

Other than the ordinary WordPress page above, here are some of the pages that SabaiDiscuss generates internally and display them on the frontend. Note that the path of these pages on your site may be different from shown here depending on what you specified during installation.

  • Unanswered Questions Page (path: /questions/unanswered) – list all questions that do not have any answer accepted yet by question authors.
  • Answered Questions Page (path: /questions/answered) – lists all questions that do have an answer accepted by question authors.
  • Single Question Page (path: /questions/question/[question_slug]) – displays a single question with answers posted to the question.
  • Ask Question Page (path: /questions/ask) – displays a form for submitting questions.
  • Tag Listing Page (path: /questions/tags) – displays a sortable list of question tags used on site as tag cloud.
  • Category Listing Page (path: /questions/categories) – displays a list of all question categories .
  • Single Tag Page (path: /questions/tags/[tag_slug]) – displays the detailed description of a tag with list of questions related to that tag.
  • Single Category Page (path: /questions/categories/[category_slug]) – displays the detailed description of a category with list of questions posted in that category and its sub categories.
  • User Profile Page (path: /questions/users/[user_name]) – shows the basic profile of a user with questions and answers posted and favorited by the user.
  • Search Form (path: /questions/search) – shows a form for searching questions and answers with some basic options.

Administration Pages

This is where you will create and manage questions and answers, adjust your settings.

Let’s take a brief look at the menu items:

  • Questions – manage and add new questions.
  • Add Question – direct link to add a new question.
  • Answers – manage answers.
  • Categories – manage and add question categories.
  • Tags – manage and add question tags.
  • Settings – all the settings you need to manage the SabaiDiscuss plugin.

ToolBar Menu

SabaiDiscuss adds a new menu item to the WordPress Toolbar for managing flags from the frontend.

  • Flags – links to a page where all the flagged questions and answers are listed. This menu item is only visible when there are actually flags and also only to users with the “Manage Flagged Questions” or “Manage Flagged Answers” permission.