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Installing Another Instance of SabaiDiscuss

There may be times you would like to install another instance of SabaiDiscuss. For example, you might want to have another forum accessible only by users who have purchased one of your products. SabaiDiscuss allows you to install any number of instances by very few steps.

SabaiDiscuss provides its functions via a single Sabai add-on named Questions. All you need to do is to create a new add-on that will inherit all functionality of the Questions add-on and install it.

Follow the steps below. It will take you only a few minutes.

STEP1: Make a copy of Questions.clone.php

Make a copy of the following file:


and then save it with a different name under the following directory:


The name of the file will become the name of new add-on for Sabai, so make sure that it does not conflict with other add-ons already installed. The list of add-ons currently installed can be viewed from the page at Settings -> Sabai, under the Sabai Add-ons section. Note that add-on names must consist of alphanumeric characters only.

For example, if you save the file as Forum.php (file path: /path/to/your/WordPress/wp-content/sabai/System/clones/Forum.php), the name of add-on you will be installing will become Forum.

STEP2: Install the new add-on

From the WordPress administration dashboard, go to Settings -> Sabai and then scroll page down to the Installable Add-ons table under the Sabai Add-ons section.

There you should see your new add-on just created on the list. For example, if you have created a copy of the Questions.clone.php file as Forum.php in STEP1, then an add-on named Forum should be on the list.

The install process from here is nothing different from the first installation.

Click the Install button in the row of your add-on. This will open up a form in a popup window. Depending on your previous installations, you may need to change the value of Questions Slug field since this must be a unique value.

Then, click the Install [your add-on] button in the popup window.

That’s it! You have now successfully installed another instance of SabaiDiscuss on your WordPress.


We recommend the WP Seo plugin by Yoast for generating meta tags and breadcrumbs for SabaiDiscuss. When you install the WP Seo plugin, it will generate meta description and Facebook OpenGraph tags and add them to the head of each question, tag, and category single pages. To add breadcrumbs, please consult their documentation on breadcrumbs for more information.