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SabaiDiscuss is fully internationalized so that it can be translated into many languages.

Translatable files are in the Gettext format, which is the standard format used in WordPress. There are 2 Gettext POT (.pot) files:

  • wp-content/plugins/sabai/languages/sabai.pot
  • wp-content/plugins/sabai-discuss/languages/sabai-discuss.pot

Translate these files using a software like POEdit (recommended) and save the generated MO (.mo) files under wp-content/langauges (or under WP_LANG_DIR if this is defined in your wp-config.php). Make sure that you append the lang code of your language to the file names. For example, if you are translating sabai.pot into French, save the generated MO file as sabai-fr_FR.mo.

Currently, the MO files must be present prior to installation for SabaiDiscuss to be fully localized. This is because some phrases are stored in database during installation and thus are not translatable at runtime. However, those are very few and you should be able to modify them through the user interface.